Cadastral Surveying

Consulting Cadastral Surveyors

In Queensland only registered Cadastral Surveyors are able to determine the location of property boundaries and certify survey plans for lodgement with government.  Specialising in Cadastral Surveying gives Terramap the flexibility to compliment their other key areas by providing professional services relating to the land tenure system, either as a stand alone project or in conjunction other with engineering or spatial survey services offered by Terramap.

 These are some of the Cadastral Surveying services we perform.
    • Boundary Identification SurveysConsulting Endorsement web
    • Building Set-out and height certificates
    • Lease Plans
    • License Area plans
    • Tenancy layout plans
    • Building Format plans
    • Exclusive Use plans
    • Easement Surveys
    • Amalgamation of land parcels
    • Strata Surveys
    • Community Title Surveys
    • Land Subdivision Surveys


Cadastral plans web

Cadastral surveying relates to the laws of land ownership and the definition of property boundaries.  It involves interpreting and advising on boundary locations, land ownership, restrictions and interest in properties, and recording the relevant information on survey plans, which the surveyor is required to lodge with the relevant government agency.