Aerial Surveying & Photogrammetry

Terramap’s UAV systems comprise of both fixed wing and multi-rotor with a high resolution camera and GPS mounted on board.  When used with geo-referencing orthomosaic software, it offers a cost effective alternative to some common survey practices. Typical uses are earthworks mapping, stockpile volumes, contour mapping, video inspection, real-estate photography and much more.

The use of our UAV is precise, quick and safe, with deliverables usually ready the next day.  We are achieving 50mm accuracies making stockpile volumes and earthwork volumes within 1% of other survey methods.  A free viewing program for loading high resolution, colour, point cloud for basic measurement by clients is available.

Terramap specialises in:

End of month Stockpile surveys
Open cut pit volumes
Digital Terrain models
Contour Generation
Major Earthworks
Geo-referenced Ortho-Mosaics
Point Cloud Generation

Terramap has a wide range of UAV capabilities including:
  • Ebee RGB drone for contour and photo
  • Ebee NIR for vegetation NDVI studies
  • Ebee thermoMAP for geo-referenced thermal maps (for locating hot spots, ground fires etc)
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro for contour & photo mapping
  • Small to large surveys and mapping buildings and structures, inspections with Ultra HD Video and 20MP Photos
CASA Qualified:

Terramap is fully insured and our Pilots are CASA Qualified.  Our company operates under our own CASA UAV operators certificate (CASA.UOC.0236).  Please see our Mapping and Spatial Services page for further information on where Aerial Surveying can be incorporated.  Read more

We cover most remote locations throughout Australia so contact us for a quote.

Examples of 3D modelling

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